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Sabre Cinema
Edwards St.
Bldg. 3740
Hours of Operation:
Free Movie Friday
6 p.m.
Free Movie Saturday
7 p.m.
Special Functions by Reservation Only
After hours: 984-305-6275

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Movie Schedule: June
Theater Reservations Calendar*
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Limited seating • See FSS Events calendar listing for sign-up links

See SJAFB Community Center on Facebook or the FSS Events calendar on this web site for movie titles. For customer convenience, there is also an overall list for the month under “Quick Links” on this page.

Films geared for a more adult audience are shown on Fridays. Family-friendly movies are typically shown on Saturdays.

Patrons are welcome to bring their own concessions.

The Sabre Cinema contributes to the morale, welfare, and recreation of Seymour Johnson AFB by providing free monthly movies and other events to DoD members, their families and guests.

Free movies are shown each Friday at 6 p.m. and Saturday at 7 p.m. unless otherwise posted. Moviegoers are welcome to bring their own concessions, but alcohol is not authorized in the Sabre Cinema.

The theater seats 500 and is available for functions such as Wing Promotion Ceremonies, Commander’s Call and 4 FSS events by reservation only.

*The online calendar, under Quick Links, is available to members that have a Common Access Card (CAC) and can access a .mil website. The calendar displays the current availability of the Sabre Cinema. Completed reservation request forms should be submitted to 4fss.fsvc@us.af.mil. Contact the Community Programs and Partnership Office at 919-722-8684/8796 if you have any questions.