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Professional Development Center

Professional Development Center is dedicated to furthering professional enhancement programs for all personnel. Our services include Airman Leadership School, Career Assistance Advisor, Informed Decision Seminars, NCOPE, SNCOPE, FTAC, and additional briefings or professional development events as needed. As Career Assistance Advisors, we understand the best routes to increase the development of subordinates and assist in setting up professional development classes for enlisted members.

Airman Leadership School

The ALS Handbook is available in the "Downloads" section

The James C. Binnicker Airman Leadership School (ALS) prepares Senior Airmen to be professional, warfighting Airmen who can supervise and lead Air Force work teams in support of the employment of Air, Space, and Cyberspace power. ALS is designed to develop Airmen into effective front-line supervisors. It is the first Professional Military Education that enlisted Air Force members to encounter. ALS focuses on building leadership and team development abilities, as well as effective communication.

Selection for ALS is open to Active Duty Airmen, Sister Services, Guard, and Reserve. Selection to ALS is based on priority selection and specific questions should be referred to the member’s First Sergeant or the ALS Staff.

Career Assistance Advisor

The primary advisor to enlisted supervisors in regards to all career matters with a special emphasis on retention, retraining, and professional enhancement opportunities within our Air Force. Advises Grp/Sq commanders, Grp/Sq superintendents, and First Sergeants on career progression & motivational programs which include but are not limited to the following:

INFORMED DECISION: To assist Airmen in deciding whether or not to stay blue, the Professional Development Center offers the monthly Informed Decision Seminar. It’s a comprehensive program designed to provide benefit and career information to first and second-term Airmen before their date of separation so they can make an informed decision to re-enlist or separate. This briefing is packed full of information designed to help them choose the life path, whether military or civilian, that’s right for them. Facilitated by the Career Assistance Advisor, the briefing includes information on a variety of subjects including educational benefits, transition programs, and AF Reserve/ANG opportunities.

NCOPE: Noncommissioned Officer Professional Enhancement (NCOPE) Course. This course is designed to augment and reinforce (not replace) information taught in Basic Military Training, technical training, ancillary training, PME, and job experience. The target audience for this course is staff sergeants who attended ALS at least three years ago but have not yet attended in-residence ILE (NCOA).

SNCOPE: Senior Noncommissioned Officer Professional Enhancement (SNCOPE) Course. This course is designed to augment and reinforce (not replace) information taught in Basic Military Training, technical training, ancillary training, PME, or job experience. SNCOPE course is designed to provide newly selected master sergeants with an in-depth view of their increased supervisory, leadership, and managerial responsibilities. It also provides assistance in making the transition to SNCO status more effective.

The Professional Development Center also holds numerous professional and personal development courses throughout the year. Courses are typically held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month. They are available to anyone with base access and are free. Please call 919-722-5857 for more information.

FIRST TERM AIRMAN'S CENTER:The FTAC provides a structured program to transition Airmen from a training mindset to a mission-oriented environment. FTAC provides orientation-type information and reinforces lessons learned in BMT and technical training to aid in a successful transition. This provides a unique opportunity to create an environment for Airmen to further develop their warrior ethos. All FTA must attend within 30 days of arrival.


Professional Development Center

1195 Cannon Ave,
Goldsboro, NC 27531

Hours of Operation

  • Mon - Fri
    7:30 am - 4:30 pm
  • Airman Leadership School
    1st Floor
    Call us: (919) 722 - 1149
  • Career Assistance
    3rd Floor
    Call us: (919) 722 - 5857

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