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Flight Kitchen
Bldg 4610, Jabara Street

Hours of Operation:
Closed until further notice

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The Afterburner Flight Kitchen is located on the flight line next door to the fire department. It’s our duty and privilege to maintain the Air Force Fit to Fight program by offering Go for Green options to provide wholesome and nutritious meals for the flight line patrons who visit our facility. Our state-of-the-art flight kitchen offers on-the-go service and hot meals for lunch, dinner and midnight meals. The menu consists of short order, a la carte and grab and go items that include “healthy heart” options and flight meals for enlisted Airmen.

Dress Code

Dress Code for the Southern Eagle Dining Facility and the Expanded Flight Kitchen
All personnel utilizing the dining facility will adhere to the following dress code:

1. Military Uniforms: All military uniforms will be worn in accordance with Air Force Instruction 36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel.
Effective immediately for flight line personnel, all Seymour Johnson personnel will adhere to the following uniform guidance in addition to AFI 36-2903:

  • The area between the flight line ECP F20 and the entrance to the EFK is a No Hat, No Salute area.
  • In addition, the wear of coveralls over the ABU uniform and optional wear of the ABU blouse while in the designated area are authorized.

This guidance applies to all personnel permanently and temporarily assigned to Seymour Johnson AFB.

2. Civilian Attire:

  • All civilian attire must be clean and in good taste. All wording and drawings must not contain anything lewd, obscene and profane or that could be construed as offensive.
  • Shirts that do not completely cover the underarms or belly button (muscle shirts, tank tops, halter tops etc.) are not allowed.
  • All personnel shall wear proper footwear at all times. No bare feet, shower shoes, open toed flip flops, open toe sandals or slippers are allowed at any time.
  • PT gear or clothing with excessive sweat will not be worn.
  • Pajama clothing and swimwear are unauthorized attire.
  • Undergarments will not be visible.
  • All hats must be removed before entry. Exceptions are Dining Facility and Flight Kitchen employees and Security Forces personnel bearing arms in uniform.

3. Customers will be denied service if not in compliance with this policy. Service will resume once the customer complies with standards. The managers reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. For questions regarding this policy, contact the Dining Facility Manager at 919-722-5294 or the Expanded Flight Kitchen Manager at 919-722-4085.