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  • Grab & Go

    Hot Entrees & Midnight Meals
    for those working by the Flight Line!

Afterburner Kiosk

The Afterburner Kiosk features convenient grab & go items just adjacent to the flight line operations area. Each day will feature hot entrees, way more than a typical flight kitchen — picture a quick, convenient dining kiosk for those working on or near the flight line.

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Afterburner Kiosk

2814 Jabara Ave (Bldg 4610),
Goldsboro, NC 27531

Open Hours

Mon - Fri

  • Lunch
    11 am - 2 pm
  • Dinner
    5 pm - 8 pm
  • Midnight Meals
    12 am - 3 am
  • Sat, Sun & Holidays

Call us: (919) 722 - 5294